Food Products

Yam, palm oil, groundnuts, corn, cassava, beans, pepper, garlic, ginger, millet, cashew, mellon, cocoa, sesame seed, honey, snails etc.

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Industrial Crops

Rubber, Jatropha, cocoa, cane, beets and sweet sorghum; fibres, including cotton, sisal, flax, jute, manila and coir; rubber; oil crops, shea butter etc.

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Quality Products

We handle and deal with every order with excellence as can be attested to by our end users. We package every order in accordance with international standards.

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Agricultural Products

we are the exporters of high quality products such as agricultural commodities like Irish potatoes, Cassava and cassava products: cassava chips, pellets, etc.

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Processed Foods

Processed foods such as cocoa, cassava, cashew, palm oil, groundnuts, ginger, garlic, mangoes, maize, millet, sorghum, .

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Rehoboth Export-Import General Merchandise Limited is equally into consultancy services for individuals and organisations.

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Our mission is to provide a unique honest and excellent export of goods and services to meet the specifications and requirements of our customers.

Rehoboth Export-Import General Merchandise Limited aims at remaining

the foremost contractor, the supplier of high quality products to our clients both locally and internationally. Our purpose is to provide effective and efficient export of goods and services to ensure satisfaction for our clients and customers.

We are geared towards the supply of high quality primary and semi processed agricultural products and manufactured products.

We provide innovative solutions for sustainable progress.

Clean Safety Record, Guaranteed Quality Products, Early completion of orders and contracts.

We have what it takes to execute our export orders/contracts efficiently.

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