Agricultural Products

 A. Agricultural Commodities

1. Irish potatoes
2. Cassava and cassava products: cassava chips, pellets, flour, glucose, starch and tapioca
3. Cocoa and cocoa products: cocoa beans light crop, cocoa beans main crop, cocoa butter, cocoa cake, cocoa powder, cocoa liquor etc.
4. Cashew nuts and cashew products: raw and kernel, dried fruits. Cotton and cotton products: cotton seed cake, cotton seed oil, cotton lint, cotton yarn etc.
5.Coffee: coffee Arabica and coffee robusta.
6.Coconut and coconut products: coconut oil, crude and refined.
7. Corn and corn products: corn flour, corn starch etc.
8. Cow tips cow bones, cow horns and hoof powder.
9. Soya bean and soya bean products: soya bean oil, soya bean cake, etc.
10. Sweet potatoes and sugar and snails.
11.Shea nut and Shea nut products: Shea nut, Shea butter etc.
12. Sesame and sesame products: sesame seeds, sesame oil.
13.Sorghum, spinach, Quincy seeds, bitter cola, gum Arabic grades 1-3, kola nuts (dried and fresh).
14. Groundnut and groundnut products: ground nut oil and seeds etc.
15. Ginger and ginger products: (dried, peeled, split) ginger oil etc.
16. Rubber and rubber products: natural rubber, TSR 20 etc.
17. Yam and yam products: yams and yam flour etc.
18.Palm produce: palm oil, palm kernel etc.
19.Honey, Walnuts,Hibiscus sabdariffa

African red hot peppers, funtua chilies peppers, Avacados, water melon, straw berries, oranges, bananas, peach fruits, pineapples, onions, plantain, pawpaw, okro, tomatoes, grapefruits, guava, apricots, melon (egusi).

Fruited pumpkin leaves, asparagus, carrots, tobacco leaves, baby corn, beans, cauliflower, afang leaves, beetroot, cucumbers, fruited pumpkin, lettuce, cucumbers, sprout, spinach.

Fis and fish products, garri...





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